September 2

Hannibal (2001, d. Ridley Scott)

Buried inside of this offensively stupid movie is an interesting character study – but then, it might just be that he’s the only actor in this four actor vehicle who isn’t playing a cartoon. Supplementing Giannini are Ray Liotta as a comically pushy asshole, Anthony Hopkins as the Bugs Bunny of serial killers, and Gary Oldman playing … some kind of vindictive fish man. The film is not only a perfect example of the Hollywood drive to replicate and repeat to increasingly brainless, putrid boredom (a phenomena well-observed in today’s Mr. Plinkett review over at Red Letter Media) but also a perfect example of Scott’s empty, hyper filmmaking and the value of patience in telling such ludicrous stories. The Demme film moves at such a calm pace that Harris’s material becomes more unsettling than merely stupid. A decade later in less able hands, it becomes a music video.

Maximum Overdrive (1986, d. Stephen King)

The Psychic (1977, d. Lucio Fulci)

You just see a wall. A psychic sees the shape inside the wall.


September 1

Without a Clue (1988, d. Thom Eberhardt)

Fatal Games (1984, d. Michael Elliot)

This bizarre shot of a javelin flying toward an intended victim is perhaps the only evidence that this film was written by Luis Bunuel’s son.