April 29

Sea of Love (1988, d. Harold Becker)

Jade (1995, d. William Friedkin)

Someone To Watch Over Me (1987, d. Ridley Scott)


April 28

Harlequin (1980, d. Simon Wincer)

The shroud of Rasputin.

Tequila Sunrise (1988, d. Robert Towne)

April 27

Visitors (2003, d. Richard Franklin)

April 26

Deathdream (1974, d. Bob Clark)

The Onion Field (1979, d. Harold Becker)

April 25

Phobia: A Descent into Terror (1980, d. John Huston)

Demon Seed (1977, d. Donald Cammell)

April 24

Spontaneous Combustion (1990, d. Tobe Hooper)

Deadly Friend (1986, d. Wes Craven)

A Reflection of Fear (1973, d. William A. Fraker)

Timescape (1992, d. David Twohy)

Invitation to Hell (1984, d. Wes Craven)

One on Top of the Other (1969, d. Lucio Fulci)

April 23

Scre4m (2011, d. Wes Craven)

Torso (1973, d. Sergio Martino)

Night Shift (1982, d. Ron Howard)

The Hand (1981, d. Oliver Stone)

Body Heat (1981, d. Lawrence Kasdan)