October 30

Traces of Red (1992, d. Andy Wolk)

Who diddled this cop?
It made him all screwy….wait…
He diddled himself?

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (1976, d. Charles B. Pierce)

What did that town dread?
The low wonk-honk of the bone.
Is it Kai Winding?

The Awakening (1980, d. Mike Newell)

Mummies! They patch roofs.
They are cheap engine fodder.
They steal your daughters.


October 28

Eye of the Devil (1966, d. J. Lee Thompson)

Eye of the devil?
The devil is nearsighted.
Hornman’s out of sight.

Off Beat (1986, d. Michael Dinner)

Fake cop walks the beat
Well, he dances it, sort of.
Jazz hands pull triggers.

October 27

Murder Blues (1991, d. Anders Palm)

Mesh-caged kids on screen
Weepin’ wit dem murder blues.
Real SOV trash.

Shadows Run Black (1986, d. Howard Heard)

Mr. Costner, dangling
A cigarette from his mouth.
Don’t hit the masseuse.

October 26

The Galaxy Invader (1985, d. Don Dohler)

“What does it look like?”
“Don’t matter what it looks like,
It don’t look like us.”

Alien Factor 2: The Alien Rampage (2001, d. Don Dohler)

Beam me up, snotty.
Rednecks and broomsticks alert.
Before 9/11.

Chandler (1971, d. Ted Magwood)

Menacing headlights.
There’s only one paradise.
Slouching towards her.

October 25

Dead Hunt (2007, d. Joe Ripple and Don Dohler)

Scream queen creams teen dream.
This last gasp is gasping last.
Sad end for Dohler.

October 24

The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit (1998, d. Stuart Gordon)

‘Wouldn’t It Be Good’.
Who remembers that old song?
This is much better.

Mutant Species (1995, d. David A. Prior)

Soldier’s too steadfast.
Would you kill for your country?
Even patriots?

Nightbeast (1982, d. Don Dohler)

The nightbeast stalks cops –
“Klaatu barada nikto” –
Into fields of volts.

Blood Massacre (1991, d. Don Dohler)

A lost Dohler film!
‘Nam-vet versus man-eaters.
Eat or be eaten.

October 23

Running Delilah (1993, d. Richard Franklin)

Kim Cattrall, robot?
Six-million-dollar woman
Turn on combat mode!

One Way Ticket (1997, d. Richard Franklin)

Torn from the front page!
Sleazy con paws at hot guard
Like soap in shower.