November 25

Island Claws (1980, d. Hernan Cardenas)

So many crab jokes.
Did the doctor give you crabs?
Crab claws crush your head.

Let It Ride (1989, d. Joe Pytka)

The gambler returns.
Sun streams better on his wife
Than racetrack ponies.

Blood Games (1990, d. Tanya Rosenberg)

Gregory’s urine
Will be a blood game after
These wildcat ballgirls.


November 21

The Phantom (1996, d. Simon Wincer)

A silly image:
Zane in purple tights, guns cocked.
Reservoir dogshit.

November 14

The Beast Within (1982, d. Philippe Mora)

Swollen basketball’s
Revenge on rapist haven
Stirs father’s self-doubt.

Woman of Desire (1994, d. Robert Ginty)

I’ve just seen her face
These marching minstrels know to
Slay her with samba.

November 13

Iron Maze (1991, d. Hiroaki Yoshida)

This ashen suit breaks
With a grave, plummeting gale.
Cement Rashômon.

Psycho III (1986, d. Anthony Perkins)

A new holy site.
Virgin of the Bates Motel.
Madonna and Child.

November 11

The Hit List (1993, d. William Webb)

Hit man charms client.
In a posthumous embrace,
Lovers reconcile.

November 8

The Lost Tribe (1985, d. John Laing)

The poor man’s Ben Gunn
Has he carved himself in two?
A lost tribe of twins.

November 7

Tearoom (1962/2007, d. Mansfield Ohio PD)

Mansfield, Ohio
It’s a man’s man’s man’s man’s field
Pigs versus faggos.

(On a prose note: this has to be one of the creepiest archival projects ever conceived of, an artist’s repetition of a terrible prosecution.)

Superstition (1982, d. James W. Roberson)

Drowned witch runs down house.
Won’t sell to just anyone.
Abandon hope, ye…