January 20

Dead Connection (1994, d. Nigel Dick)

Poet Madsen dreamt
Of fucking Northeastern girls
And riding Harleys.

Rude Awakening (1989, d. David Greenwalt, Aaron Russo)

They call them fingers
But you ever see them fing?
Oh wait, there they go.

Reaching too far out
Fun-loving hippies freak on
These marshmallow men.


January 18

Blades (1989, d. Thomas R. Rondinella)

Festive balloons are
New eyes for the old machine.
What a threshing line.

Independence Day (1983, d. Robert Mandel)

Good old boy blows up.
At his wife, her friends, dem all.
He blows up real good.

January 14

P.I. Private Investigations (1987, d. Nigel Dick)

What wish you, builder,
The axe, the shotgun, the smirk?
Answering machines.

Forbidden Sun (1989, d. Zelda Barron)

Daedalus is hell.
The maze is inside the man.
That poor Minotaur.

January 12

Night Visitor (1989, d. Rupert Hitzig)

And now they cut class.
Back then, we cut hair instead.
Kids these days, Satan…

Amnesia (1997, d. Kurt Voss)

He has memories
But can’t remember how to
Fuck grieving widows.

January 2

The Naked Truth (1993, d. Nico Mastorakis)

Director as God.
He warns the pilot off course.
Something on the wing.

No Contest (1994, d. Paul Lynch)

Breathe slow, surfacing.
Do you know how you got here?
Thinking with your dick.

The Wraith (1986, d. Mike Marvin)

The ghostly driver
Targets limelit teenagers.
The lesser bros.

Mother's Day (1980, d. Charles Kaufman)

Heed, young folks, and learn:
Observe precious holidays!
Love your swamp sister.

January 1

Quake (1992, d. Louis Morneau)

He saves her for hell.
Stalker, angel, you decide.
Railsback quakes with fear.

Eve's Beach Fantasy (1999, d. Henri Lumiere)

This plot is too hard,
Too complex for eyes and brain.
Eve housesits her dreams.

Bats (1999, d. Louis Morneau)

Bobby ain’t obtuse.
He’s just got some bat troubles.
Gone a little batty.

Genuine Risk (1990, d. Kurt Voss)

Funny? Tragic? What?
Stamp, pop-star, or gang-banger?
Risky business.

Baja (1995, d. Kurt Voss)

He’s a bad man, man.
Loves Ray Carver, talks too much.
Mulberry bush shit.

December 28

The Fantasist (1986, d. Robin Hardy)

Reubens’ splayed lover
Inspires mayhem and phone sex.
A leg in the past.

To Die Standing (1991, d. Louis Morneau)

De Young plays narc cop
With all the charisma of
Jimmy Durante.