February 27


Deadline (1984, d. Mario Azzopardi)

Hollyweird North, man.
I’ll never get used to it.
They don’t make good films.


Lurkers (1988, d. Roberta Findlay)

Choking little chick.
These tenement walls don’t talk
But they scream real loud.


The Oracle (1985, d. Roberta Findlay)

Serial murderer
Moonlights as an assassin.
Blame Reaganomics!


February 26


Hide and Go Shriek (1988, d. Skip Schoolnik)

Oblivious cops
Fail horny endangered teens
Attending to bum.


Something Weird (1967, d. Herschell Gordon Lewis)

Scarred psychic playboy
Dreams of stranger murderer
And foretells own death.


New Year's Evil (1980, d. Emmett Alston)

Man in the mirror.
Don’t ask him to make a change.
He doesn’t do change.

February 25


Night Train to Terror (1985, d. John Carr, Phillip Marshak, Tom McGowan, Jay Schlossberg-Cohen, Greg C. Tallas)

Got nothing to do?
And there’s no food on this train.
Break dance becomes you.

February 23


Darkroom (1988, d. Terrence O'Hara)

His face in fixer.
Smell sweet, and tangy, cousin.
We’re fixing your face.


Miami Vendetta (1987, d. Stephen Seemayer)

Nothing makes me starve,
Makes hunger seize my cop gut,
Like crime scene photos.

February 19


Blood Tide (1982, d. Richard Jefferies)

Is that just a croc?
Darth sea diver loses cool
In this crock of shit.

February 18

Brain Candy (1996, d. Kelly Makin)

It was quite a day
In the comatorium.
Poor dream-locked hosers.

February 3

Sunset (1988, d. Blake Edwards)

Chuck Chaplin, killer,
Inaugerates the Oscars.
Far way from home, droog.

The Last Slumber Party (1988, d. Stephen Tyler)

Sneak in the back door.
Ev’ryone’s a doctor, babe,
with their discreet charms.