March 28

The Thing (2011, d. Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.)

The wrong aliens.
The smartest imitation
is her performance.

Sweet Home (1989, d. Kiyoshi Kurosawa)

Pits of pain might hide
the child-murdering phantoms
that make this home sweet.


March 25

Eat the Document (1966, d. Bob Dylan and D.A. Pennebaker)

Orisons for Bob.
Sing Jesus met the woman
At walls, tumblin’ down.

March 23

Mad Max (1979, d. George Miller)

Torn between her beaus,
Mannequin charms soaking sun,
Against the shoreline.

March 19

Number One Fan (1995, d. Jane Simpson)

These mock-up scenes show
McQueen’s banging compulsion.
Some number one son.

Death Spa (1990, d. Michael Fischa)

Acupuncture class
Between spinning and tai bo.
Just can’t aim it right!

March 17

Blood Hook (1986, d. Jim Mallon)

The cicada calls
Ring the metal-plated skull
Of a fisher king.

March 13

Innocent Prey (1984, d. Colin Eggleston)

Labyrinth of sights
Reveal his double conceits.
Don’t smell good either.

Cassandra (1986, d. Colin Eggleston)

Memory changes
colour, shape, the feeling of
a shotgun barrel.

March 11

Splatter University (1984, d. Richard W. Haines)

Panty-headed stabber,
Get thee from my portals! Your
squish’d nose becomes you.

Static (1985, d. Mark Romanek)

A strange family
Of cousins, spacemen, old loves
Gather for his end.

The Choirboys (1977, d. Robert Aldrich)

Bathroom seduction.
Frisks and squirts for vice squad stings.
This chorale must end.