June 23

Get Crazy! (1983, d. Allan Arkush)

Know it’s hard for me,
I’m bringing it all back home.
Why stand for walkin’?


June 17

Piranha 3D (2010, d. Alexandre Aja)

That’s motorboating.
Girls gone wild, also limbless.
3D fish eat you?

June 14

A Night at the Opera (1935, d. Sam Wood)

June 8

The Glove (1979, d. Ross Hagen)

You got a strong brain
‘n’ yer mind is broad, ain’t none
Gonna be too hard.

June 5

The Dunwich Horror (1970, d. Daniel Haller)

Al, why are you here?
And why haven’t I leapt yet?
To Miskatonic!

June 2

Jekyll and Hyde … Together Again (1982, d. Jerry Belson)

The dance of science:
Spin of beakers and burners!
Watch who you’re going.

May 23

The Man with Two Brains (1983, d. Carl Reiner)

Take your brain boating!
Put it on a picnic basket.
Kiss it all over.