July 24

Dead Girls Don’t Tango (1992, d. John Carr)

How can a dead girl
Tango when she can’t even
Take a bath in peace?

The Maize: The Movie (2004, d. Bill Cowell)

Psychic lost in corn.
New screens for the old thresher.


July 22

Deafula (1975, d. Peter Wolf)

He never drinks wine.
Sign loud, louder, still louder,
I don’t understand.

July 20

Amsterdamned (1988, d. Dick Maas)

The diver’s last sight
Imprinted on his goggles,
the blowing bubbles.

The Shaft (2001, d. Dick Maas)

Elevator’s heart
Goes up and down, express-style.
Soon or late, a break.

Forest Primeval (2008, d. Mark Polonia)

A meaty red claw.
The devil guards this forest.
He’s horny tonight.

July 18

Trick or Treats (1982, d. Gary Graver)

Lady, come with me.
Fulfill my nurse fantasy.
Nobody’s perfect.

July 3

Knife of Ice (1972, d. Umberto Lenzi)

Tints of his eyes run.
The window to his soul streaks.
Feed it pane cleaner.

June 30

Frightmare (1974, d. Pete Walker)

Mama’s got hunger
Once you go hemoglobin
You never go back

Frightmare (1983, d. Norman Thaddeus Vane)

Animate the vamp!
Use yer arms n use yer teeth.
Weekend at Chris Lee’s.

Brainscan (1994, d. John Flynn)

TV? Itch to scratch.
He climbs from your CD-ROMs.
But where did they go?