August 4

The Caller (1987, d. Arthur Allan Seidelman)

This, the game we play:
Let the robot in your house,
Don’t complain later.

The Man Who Wouldn’t Die (1994, d. Bill Condon)

A funhouse of crowns.
Your host, the undead madman,
Stepped out of a book.


August 2

Uncommon Valor (1983, d. Ted Kotcheff)

Let’s get together
And re-enact Vietnam.
It was just like this.

July 29

Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (1985, d. George Miller, George Ogilvie)

Don’t you hate it when
Cave paintings look just like you?
Fate’s a tricky thing.

Monsterwolf (2010, d. Todor Chapkanov)

The monsterwolf stalks!
He’ll tear you into pieces!
Can’t really see him.

Snow Beast (2011, d. Brian Brough)

Should I trust my eyes?
Resolution ain’t normal!
That suit’s super fine.

July 27

Mamba (1988, d. Mario Orfino)

Snake eyes bending forms
Slick mamba, bust some moves to
Moroder’s Mambo.